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Further water filter and devices for water treatment

  • Testing water sets

    Testing sets for nitrates, chlorine etc.

  • Shower filter DIOS

    Suitable for conditioning hot household water. It removes chlorine and prevents thus sensitive skin from drying and irritation. The filter is vital for psoriatics as well as for people with allergies and eczemas.

  • Mechanical filter

    Adjoinable to the water-supply system. It removes turbidity, rust and mechanical contaminants and protects water pipes, flush valves, washing machines, tap seals and water filters.

  • Water softeners in front of appliances and boiler

    It prevents appliances from furring up –prolonging thus the useful life of washing machines and dishwashers and considerably cheapening their function. It also dissolves old deposits.

  • Treatment of bacteria contaminated water in nature

    Excellent for treatment of water from bacterially unsafe sources.

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