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Introduction of Dionela FAS 4 to the market

This product with a high capacity eliminates from water arsenic, antimony, aluminum, selenium, vanadium, molybdenum, copper, lead, and phosphates.

In the connection with the fact that carcinogenicity and toxicity of arsenic had been proved beyond any doubt, the World Health Organization and subsequently also the Czech public health protection authorities decided to decrease the maximum permissible amount of arsenic in drinking water from 50 to 10 µg/liter with effect from January 1, 2001.

Arsenic is leached into the drinking water from rocks, from the waste of ore treatment plants, wastes of power plants, and from the metallurgical industry. The arsenic concentration in individual rocks is highly variable: its concentration in slate amounts to about 10 mg/kg, in granites to about 2 mg/kg, in sandstones and limestones to about 1 mg/kg. In the case of drills and wells the arsenic concentration in drinking water is decided by the type of rock from which water is pumped out.

In the Czech Republic higher concentrations of arsenic are encountered predominantly in the Central Bohemian plutonic rocks (the area from Říčany to Klatovy, comprising the area around Plzeň in its western parts) and ore localities, e.g. in Šumava, in Orlické Mts., in Jeseníky Mts., Ore Mts., but also in the vicinity of Brno. Arsenic is very often accompanied by radon.

In Germany the decrease of the maximum permitted amount of arsenic to 10 µg/liter resulted in the fact that 1.5 million of population drink water from the underground resources that exceed the “standard”.

Dionela FAS 4 eliminates arsenic from water with a high capacity. The effectiveness increases with the decreasing pH (increasing acidity) and with the decreasing concentrations of iron and manganese. Assuming pH lower than 8 and the iron and manganese concentrations not exceeding the “standard” (the present hygienic standard) Dionela FAS 4 can remove altogether minimum 1 g of arsenic. This means 10 000 liters of drinking water free of arsenic in the case of water containing 100 µg/liter of arsenic (i.e., ten times more than the ”standard”).

Along to the component removing arsenic from water, the Dionela FAS 4 bed contains other components so that it removes also other contaminants, similarly as our other Dionela filters. It does not eliminated nitrates.

We guarantee the full functioning of Dionela FAS 4 for the period of 2 years, thereafter we shall provide for the exchange of the filtration cartridge for a fraction of the new cartridge price – similarly as in our other Dionela filters.

Prices of Dionela FAS 4 filters:

on a kitchen line: 4 650 CZK
under the kitchen line: 4 950 CZK
regeneration (cartridge exchange): 790 CZK

Many users are not aware that they have an enhanced content of arsenic in their wells because its determination is not included into the minimum extent of the present “standard”. It is therefore advisable that every user pumping water from the slate or granite rocks or in the vicinity of the wastes mentioned above should ask for the supplementary laboratory determination of arsenic (for a price of about 300 CZK).

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